VIP Room Special Edition: $5,000 Circus Hour

The Circus is back in town bringing with it $5,000 in GUARANTEED CASH and incredible must-play thrilling performances.

Grab your popcorn, step right up and have a ball this Sunday June 24th at 10pm in the Circus Tourney Room.

Join us to play (TEN) $500 GUARANTEED CASH GAMES for a single $25 cash flat fee! This edition is featuring new acts and returning favorites to keep you entertained throughout the hour – the funniest clowns, the most-daring acrobats, death-defying daredevils, aerial artists, balancers, showgirls and much more – all under the fabulous VIP Tourney Room Tent.

You will get to enjoy (50) amazing acts, each paying a minimum of $100 CASH – You MUST DEPOSIT and REGISTER in order to attend this event.

You won’t want to miss this extraordinary hour! – REGISTER NOW

The $25 CASH fee covers the automatic pre-bought cards for all games (Fair and Square/12 cards per game). You must be registered by 9pm the night of the event! The show is sure to amaze and delight everyone...