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Welcome to and our fun bingo community! There are many reasons why we have been around for such a long time, and our great bingo community is one of them. We have wonderful, lovely and friendly bingo players and amazing Chat Hosts to keep the party going at all hours of the day. Find out more about our community via the links here below:
Our Chat Hosts

Join our award winning CH team CH Boomy, CH Rachel and CH April for a fabulously fun bingo ride every day in our Main Contest room! Read more about each of our Chat Hosts in the interviews we set up in order to get them to spill the beans about who they really are.
Latest Winners

We have tons of lucky winners every day, here is the list of all our latest winners whether they are bingo jackpot winners or slots jackpot winners!

We love testimonials! Not just because most of them say how great we are! ;) But because we love hearing the personal story behind every one of the jackpot wins on our site! We even have a few great video testimonials from some of our long time players sending greetings to or chat hosts and telling us about how they felt when they won. Have a look at the testimonials page for more real life stories about jackpot wins.
Refer a Friend

We offer one of the best Refer a Friend programs in the business. Once you have deposited with us, start referring friends to us for a chance to earn commissions on their deposits!

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Join our fun community on Facebook Group and find out about all the latest gossip, the biggest promotions, the latest insider tips and much more.Plus you get 10BBs for liking our page!
Player Gallery

Want to be part of our Family Album? In our Player Gallery we have great pics of lots of our wonderful players and chat hosts. Its like flipping through the family photo album and we love putting a face to the alias of our lovely players. Have a look and see if you can find pics of your bingo buddies!

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