Make money by referring new members to our Bingo site!

Earn 50% Commission on all deposits your referred bingo buddy makes during the first 3 months with us!

Here are a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions
we get about this amazing Referral Program:

  • Yes. As long as you have made a deposit with us at some point you can make money by referring friends. Just provide your bingo account ID to your friends and start making money today!

  • Tell your friends to deposit at one of our Bingo Networks. We have three networks and a large variety of different brands. There is bound to be something for everyone!

  • No, all you need to do is have them add your player ID.

  • Unfortunately your friend needs to add the player ID at the time of signing up in order for your accounts to be linked. However, as long as they have not deposited we can manually add this information depending on the circumstances. Special approval by the office is required for this though.

  • That's right! The system will credit your bonus account automatically. You can use these bonuses to win big jackpots!

  • Lots!!!! Image you bring in 10 friends. Each friend makes two $50 deposit per month. That earns you $500 each month! ($50 x two deposits per month x 10 players = $1000 x 50% which makes $500). So… that first month you JUST EARNED an EXTRA $500 just for telling your friends where the best online bingo is! Bring in 10 more friends the following month and you are now making $1000 per month…. Easy!

  • We will pay you commissions on every deposit your friend makes for 3 months.

  • A. ANYONE that is new to our networks. If they are already playing at one network they will not qualify for this promotion and please also note that players from the same household/IP address can not be referred.

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  • Any “Refer a Friend” prospect that has previously registered an account is ineligible for this promotion. In order to be eligible for remuneration in the “Refer a Friend” referral program, a referring member must have funded their account at least once. We have the right, at any time, to terminate a member's participation in the program or withhold any remuneration owed to that member if it is deemed that they have, in any way, misused or manipulated the above stated program.
  • Bingo Buddies MAY NOT include direct family members living at the same residence of the referring member or any individuals using the same IP address or the same computer as the referring member. Accounts must have a physical address and not a p.o. box. Must have their own unique credit card and/or ecommerce account. Any person found related to the same person or household will be removed as a referral and all commissions paid will be deducted from the players account and returned to the house.
  • Without the previous office’s approval, we will not add any referral account member ID number after a new account is created in the event that the newly referred player forgot to enter information in the "Referral Account" field on the Registration form.
  • We reserve the right to amend or change the terms of the Refer a Friend agreement without any advance written notice.