Frequently Asked Questions

Every person that opens an account at has read and agrees to the following rules prior to playing at our Bingo Hall.
Last updated June 06th, 2024

1. Introduction to the Rules

Our game rules and operating policies govern your use of any information taken from our website, including your registration and participation on any games belonging to (before and after the "Game"). Please be certain that you read the Participating Rules carefully. Each time you redeem a Game Credit from your Player Account to play a Game or you enter our website, you are confirming your full understanding and acceptance of the Participating Rules. In case that you have any questions about the Participating Rules, please contact us and we will be glad to clarify our terms. If you are not willing to accept the terms of this agreement, you must not play the Game.
Accounts with no activity in a 90 days period will be reset to zero.
- To win contests or special promos you must have a deposit in the last 7 days.
- Processors allow a minimum deposit of $25 USD to play. For Bitcoin the minimum is $30.

2. Game System Protocol

The Game Server Starts a New game by selecting the Game pattern for the next game. The Game server enables player card purchasing. The Players manually select their game cards from a deck of over 30,000 unique bingo cards.
Players purchase their desired cards.
The purchase requests are sent to the game server.
The game server receives the purchase requests from the players and enters their selected cards into the game.
The server sends an acknowledgement back to the player telling the player that their cards have been purchased, and entered into the game, 25 Seconds before game start time the game server suspends further card purchasing. The game server waits an additional 15 seconds to make sure that all purchase requests have been completed and properly entered into the system. The game server then generates 75 or 90 numbers using the systems random number generator. The game server then systematically applies the random calls to each of the player purchased bingo cards and crosschecks each card with the winning pattern. With this procedure the game server has now determined the number of winning bingo cards in the deck of player purchased cards and at which call the cards have won. Receives this information and begins calling the numbers. Calls are presented to the user every ten seconds. Players can then play and chat with other players knowing that in the event of any system, or telecommunications interruption their cards have been fairly entered into the game and that in each case the true game winner (or winners) will be awarded the prize. The outline provided here shows that our game system is fair and completely random. Players are presented with random cards, which they can select at random. The 75 or 90 calls for the game are generated randomly AFTER the card sales have closed. The only factor that enters into determining a winner is the cards that players select on their own. There are no external or internal factors that assist or deter people from winning - it is purely a combination of card selection strategy and luck. Players are always credited with wins regardless of program or network problems during a game in progress.

3. Bonus Policies

Players must use all bonus bucks within 15 days of their last deposit. Any bonus that has not been used prior to this date will expire. Check out section 4 below for specific expiration times on specific bonuses.
Players that have not logged in and have not deposited in 180 days or more, will have their account disabled.
Players should be aware that where we believe that the bonus system is being abused or manipulated by a player, or where we believe that a player has exceeded a reasonable total bonus maximum for a defined period (taking into account all bonuses awarded) we reserve the right to make adjustments up to the total value of chat credits and misc. comps in the players account, or to impose a temporary bonus maximum award limit on the account.
Player accounts found to be abusing our bonus system will be closed immediately in all networks and any payout will be null and void.
Courtesy bonuses and other non deposit bonus are rare and we are not obligated in any way to credit them, but if we do credit a courtesy bonus it should be considered play money and any winnings generated from it cannot be withdrawn.
Every deposit automatically gets a bonus, we cannot accept your deposit without giving you the bonus.
If a player request the bonus to be deducted from their account, the bonus cannot be credited back afterwards AND bonus amount will still be included for wagering purposes. We do not offer the option to deposit with no bonuses, this is due to wagering rules.
Players with ratio 90% or more are not eligible to receive any free bonuses or special bonuses offered otherwise indicated.
Unfunded players: The system will reset accounts back to zero automatically every 15 days, except for accounts created during the current month.

4. Deposit Bonuses

When receiving a bonus, the player will first play with cash (winnings and deposit), and finally with the bonus.
All first deposits earn 600%. All second deposits earn 400%.
All other deposits are awarded bonuses according to loyalty level.
Players over 80% PO ratio will be automatically moved by the system to Loyalty Level 2.
Players over 90% PO ratio will be automatically moved by the system to Loyalty Level 1 and do not qualify for any extra bonus offers, free or on deposits.
Players over 100% PO ratio will be automatically moved by the system to Loyalty Level 1 and won´t qualify for chat bbs.
Players that were automatically moved by the system to level 1 will recover their old loyalty level once their PO ratio is at 50%.
Players over 80% ratio don´t qualify for the Daily Bonus.
All bonuses in your account as well as any you win after will be cancelled in the event of a cash-out request.
New players get a $50 Free Bonus and 50 FREE Spins upon sign up to Test Drive the site before depositing.
The moment you make a deposit your balance will revert back to 0 to avoid confusion in the wagering requirements accomplishment.
Birthday and anniversary bonuses expire in 7 days. Our sign up bonus expires after 2 days, and our Cash Back Bonus expires after 6 days.
These bonuses are considered play money and any winnings generated cannot be withdrawn.
Any bonus / promotion not specified here will be credited or not at the discretion of the house and that decision will be final.
If you have a payout after qualifying for an extra bonus on next deposit you forfeit that offer.
Extra Bonuses: The minimum deposit amount to get Extra Bonuses is $30.
Extra Bonus wins to be used on next deposit are valid for 7 days after the win, this includes Facebook, Chat and Contest offers.
Players with pending payouts do not qualify for any extra bonus offer, freebies or Contest prizes.

5. Chat Room Credits rules

  • Only depositing players are eligible to receive Bingo Bucks.
  • Chat bonus is a reward for being in chat;Therefore, bingo Bucks (BB's) are only awarded to players who are actually playing in the bingo game at the time of the chat game (No exceptions).
  • Players must purchase a minimum of 4-6 cards depending on the game where BB's are awarded.

  • - Play a minimum of 6 cards on 0.05c-.10c games
    - Play a minimum of 4 cards on 0.20c - $1 games
    - * 0.05c-0.10c Bingo Games pay $5 bbs per chat game win (Reg & Vip)
    - Each regular chat game allows for a maximum of three winners per bingo game, unless it's a special chat event.

  • BingoBucks will be awarded up to a maximum of one (1x) times the last deposit made. VIP Players get 2x the last deposit.
  • Players have 7 days to collect the BBs offered. If you prefer not to participate in chat games then you will forfeit your BBS available by our chat host.
  • BB's are not accumulative, this comp is offered only on the last deposit, if you make a deposit and still have BB's available, this will reset according to the amount of the last deposit; they do not roll over.
  • All BB's will be deducted on receipt of any cash out request. However, if you flow back the entire amount of your cash out, BB's may be returned to your account by sending in a ticket to help desk. In the event your cash out is declined, BB's will be returned to your account.
  • If you have more payouts than deposits you are not eligible to receive BB's.
  • Must have made a deposit after your last payout and have no pending payouts to qualify.

6. Promotions, Contests and Competitions

  • Contests and competitions are occasionally arranged in our bingo rooms. A contest/competition is a temporary event of a defined length of time that usually results in someone winning the event. These events may also be called promotions.
  • Players taking part in these promotions are referred to as participants or just players.
  • Participating in a promotion is an acknowledgement of our site rules.
  • Unless otherwise stated, contest sometimes have special patterns playing that will be named based on the contest. These patterns follow our usual bingo rules unless otherwise stated. 
  • Extra prizes in addition to the usual pattern prizes are sometimes given out during our contests and competitions. These are in addition to our usual pattern prizes and may vary at management's discretion.
  • In case the promotion features a raffle the result of the raffle draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  • Players participating in the contests and competitions must have deposited in the last 30 days to qualify for any extra prizes handed out. This includes any bonus offer via email, site or Facebook regardless of the loyalty level or VIP status.
  • Players with approved payouts do not qualify for entries to any contest for 7 days following the approval.
  • The week runs from Monday to Sunday unless otherwise stated.
  • Unless otherwise stated on the site, the winners of the extra prizes will be credited and/or contacted within 48 hrs of the win.
  • In case of multiple wins the prize will be split between the winners. Management reserves the right to any amendment to this rule based on circumstances.
  • In case there is a choice in the prizes all attempts possible will be made to contact the winner based on their profile information.
  • All participants are responsible for keeping their contact details in their profiles up to date. Failure to do so will result in the prize being forfeit.
  • All prizes that need to be claimed by the winner have to be claimed by contacting CS with the relevant information within 15 days of the contest end date as stated in the promotion text.
  • In case a delivery is involved it is the player's responsibility to confirm contact and shipping details with our CS within 15 days of the end date of the promotion.
  • Whenever a third party is involved in the delivery of a prize to the winner all responsibility of the prize (product) lies with the third party from the moment the order has been placed with them.
  • The site cannot be held responsible for any third party claims of any kind against players.
  • The site's liability with respect to any claim made by a player shall be limited to the prize.
  • The site shall have the right to suspend or withdraw any participation at its absolute discretion. Management reserves the right to refuse or close any account at their sole discretion and void any winnings made.
  • Management reserves the right to make any final necessary changes to the promotion details at any point.
  • Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the disqualification of the entry. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entry at their absolute discretion.
  • If present, participant boards are updated every 30 minutes unless otherwise stated.
  • All promotions, offers, games and any site activities will always go by site time only, unless otherwise specified.
  • All prizes are credited upon request via support ticket. Site wagering rules apply.
  • All site rules apply.

7. Alias Changes

  • Each player is allowed one change every 30 days.
  • We may change your alias if we deem it could be offensive to some players, or if it too closely resembles another players’ alias.
  • Alias change requests can be done via your profile or you can request a change via support ticket.
  • When requesting an alias change, please submit two choices in order of preference and we will change it accordingly.
  • Please take into consideration that an alias change might affect the ranking in certain contests/promotions and by making the change you accept that this might cause you to lose your position in a ranking in some contests/promotions.

8. Refer-a-Friend

  • In order to be eligible for remuneration in the “Refer a Friend” referral program, a referring member must have funded their account at least once.
  • You can earn refer-a-friend earnings by referring friends (also known as bingo buddies) to any of our brands across all three networks as long as that player has not played here before.
  • The friend needs to add the referrer's player account ID when signing up in order to link the accounts and qualify for the referral reward and the commissions.
  • We will not add any referral account member ID number after a new account is created in the event that the newly referred player forgot to enter information in the "Referral Account" field on the Registration form.
  • We pay the referrer 50% commission on the friend's deposits for the first 3 months.
  • Refer-a-friend earnings are credited immediately after a deposit is received from a bingo buddy.
  • Players who already play on one of our networks do not qualify for this promotion.
  • Any “Refer a Friend” prospect that has previously registered an account is ineligible for this promotion.
  • Only ONE account is allowed per household. In cases of more than one account both will be closed and the balances will be voided.
  • You can not refer direct family members living at the same residence of the referring member or any individuals using the same IP address or the same computer as the referring member; HOWEVER Exceptions to this rule can be made according to management discretion.
  • Please send your request to [email protected] along with both account ID and a brief description of the case.
  • Accounts must have a physical address and not a p.o. box.
  • Must have their own unique credit card and/or ecommerce account.
  • Any person found related to another person in a particular household/IP address will be removed as a referral and all commissions paid will be deducted from the players account and returned to the house unless an exception has been made.
  • We have the right, at any time, to terminate a member's participation in the program or withhold any remuneration owed to that member if it is deemed that they have, in any way, misused or manipulated the above stated program.
  • We reserve the right to amend or change the terms of the Refer a Friend agreement without any advance written notice.

9. Payout Requests

  • Only winnings earned off deposits or deposit bonuses will be allowed for a payout request.
  • Players wishing to cash-out must meet all wagering rules.
  • Payout will not be approved if winnings come from bonus offered as non-depositing promotion.
  • You must wait 24 hours after last deposit to request a payout.
  • Payouts are approved and processed every Wednesday but can take up 24 -48 hours after that to clear from the account and reach player´s e-wallet.
  • Cash-out requests must be made before Tuesday @11:59pm EST to be processed that week.
  • Players won't be allowed to deposit if they have a pending payout request in the system.
  • Players with 3 deposits or less on file that win a jackpot of $1,000+ or request a payout of $500+ will be paid in weekly installments of $100.
  • Cashouts are paid at a maximum of $500 per week. Payouts of $1,000+ will be paid as follows:
  • $1,000 - $2,999 will be paid out in 5 equal weekly installments.
  • $3,000 - $4,999 will be paid out in 10 equal weekly installments.
  • $5,000 or more will be paid out in weekly installments over 6 months.
  • Players with payouts over $1,000 will be requested for a testimony with picture to share with the bingo community. Payouts won´t be processed until testimonial is received.
  • For your own protection we do not allow payouts to be sent to alternate accounts. This means that the account that we send your winnings to must be in the same name as your player account.
  • For first time payouts we request copies of 2 Picture ID's or one ID and a utility bill to verify the name and address, we also need a picture of credit cards used to deposit the last 6 months. This is a one time only requirement. Documents can be scanned and emailed to [email protected].
  • Only ONE payout request is allowed per week, if you cancel your request you must wait for the following week to request another payout.
  • Only ONE account is allowed per player and per household - In the event a player opens multiple accounts to achieve bonuses, all bonuses will be removed and any monies in the player account or payout monies will become null and void - no exceptions.
  • Any player caught playing from multiple IP's without the advanced consent of the network will be considered fraudulent and will have their payouts declined and account closed.
  • For players that have higher payouts than deposits on one of our networks we reserve the right to allow only ONE account on the Network of our choice. We reserve the right to close any accounts or limit a player to one of our networks if we consider their play patterns are abusing our bonus system.
  • Payouts are restricted to one weekly payout per person, per week on all combined networks. If a request is made on one network no other payouts will be completed on additional networks that same week.
  • The minimum payout amount is $100.00 plus fees.
  • Players must have a deposit in the last 30 days to qualify for a Withdrawal. This goes from the day the payout is PROCESSED not the date it is requested.
  • One payout is allowed per each deposit, it can be a single payment payout, or, if over $500, one approved in payments.
  • The winnings amount at the time of the 1st payment is the total we will allow for that deposit.
  • Withdrawing funds from your account will cancel all unqualified, qualified bonuses and earned Bonuses".
  • To cash out winnings off free spins the player must have a deposit in the last 7 days and max cash out from spins is $300.
  • Free Bonuses, including Birthday Bonus, Cashback Bonus, Lotto, and Anniversary Bonus, are for free play only and winnings off them cannot be cashed out.
  • Our Min deposit amount is $25.00, if you deposit less than that amount you will not qualify for a payout off that deposit.*For Bitcoin deposits the min is $30 as shown in the cashier.
  • If a player chooses to play funds from a pending payout they accept that new wins will not be cashable.
  • If a player has a payout being paid out in several weekly payments, they must request the payments weekly (or ask CS to place it), if no request is received in 30 days the remaining balance will become void.
  • Only winnings off last deposit made, or bonuses on that deposit can be cashed out.

10. Wagering Rules provide a wide selection of games including Bingo, Slots, Video Poker, Keno and Pull Tabs. Each game has a required wagering rule that is used to determine when a player is eligible to cash out against their last deposit bonus.

11. Wagering Rules by Game

  • If you play Bingo ONLY, you must wager your deposit and bonus 3.5 times before you can withdraw funds.
  • If you play Casino games ONLY (Keno, Black Jack, Video Poker or Slots) you will need to wager your deposit and bonus 30 times before you can withdraw funds, it does not matter if the winnings come from bingo or Casino games.

12. Disputes

In the event of any dispute, our decision will be final and binding. The relationship between the Parties as well as this Agreement are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Government of Panama.

13. Registration

  • is part of the network
  • Only ONE account is allowed per player and per household/IP address.
  • In the event a player opens multiple accounts to achieve bonuses, all bank/winnings and bonus balances will be removed and these balances will become null and void - no exceptions. 
  • When registering with one of our sites you need to enter a valid email in order to receive your log in details to your new account as well as the welcome bonus.
  • This site is part of TheBingoAffiliates Network so if you think you may have an account with another of our sites please email [email protected] to verify before signing up.
  • As of the 17th October 2012 players from Quebec are only allowed to play on our Canadian network. In case you have any questions regarding an old account on our other networks please email [email protected] and our Customer Support will assist you.
  • IMPORTANT! You must use your player alias and password to log into your bingo account.

14. Disclaimer assume no liability to its members or others for any failure to enforce the terms of this policy. If you are found liable for violating any of the above policies, we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately without warning. In the event we terminate your account, all bonus money will be forfeited without compensation. reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without notice.

15. Privacy Policy

All sites participating within TM networks compiled this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site. Our web server automatically detects each visitor IP, but not e-mail addresses. We collect E-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail, and information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information and/or site registrations. The information we collect is used to improve the content of our Web page, and to notify consumers about updates to our Web site and/or software. The information we collect is not shared with other organizations for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The information we collect may be contracted out to third party marketing companies or partners of TheBingoAffiliates for marketing purposes via email, SMS or other direct mail marketing. Members will never receive more than one text message per day. For Help text “Help”. To unsubscribe, please text “EXIT” to stop. Message & data rates may apply. If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by sending a blank message with the word "Remove" in the subject area to [email protected] or simply advise us via the Help Desk in the Member's Area. When you register your account for the first time, you will be given the opportunity to "opt out" of receiving promotional E-mail messages from us. We provide registered members options to review, change or modify previously provided information maintained by us. This includes financial and contact information. If you are unable to make the modifications yourself in the My Profile section of the Member's Area, send your request to us via the Help Desk. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact [email protected].

16. Limits of Liability and Indemnification Statement


It is the responsibility of player to ensure that they understand and comply fully in respect of any national and international laws, regulations, directives applicable to the cannot be held responsible for any third party claims of any kind against players. Player's agree that they are 18 years of age and have authorization and authority to use the credit card offered to for a purchase. liability with respect to any claim made by a player shall be limited to the Prize. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by a player in making a claim. We will not be held liable to any costs or expenses incurred by a player for any overdrafts relating to deposits to player accounts made through our e-commerce systems. It is the player's responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available to them before they make a deposit to their player accounts via our e-commerce systems. We will not be held liable to any costs or expenses incurred by a player for any overdrafts resulting from multiple deposits to a player's accounts made through the improper use of our e-commerce systems. Reloading a cash deposit transaction page constitutes misuse of our e-commerce system and as such, we will not be held responsible or liable for any overdraft charges or costs that they may incur as a result misuse of our e-commerce systems. We will issue a credit for any multiple billings arising from the use or misuse of our e-commerce systems. We shall have the right to suspend or withdraw any participation at its absolute discretion. Personal details of all Players will remain confidential unless Players agree to their details being used for future publicity purposes. We will not be liable for any loss of whatever nature arising from the cancellation of any round, including the loss, for whatever reason, of the chance to participate in the Game. In particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, will not be liable to any person: In the event of force majored, For the failure of, or damage or destruction of Bingo's central computer system or records, or any part thereof, for delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from failure of any telecommunications or other data transmission system, for any delay resulting in non receipt of any participation for a particular round. will not be liable for any loss as a result of an act of God, an outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism, the act of any Government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent), fire, explosion, flood, hurricane, theft, malicious damage, strike, lock-out, or industrial action of any kind. The Parties shall not commit nor purport to commit the other to honor any obligation other than is specifically provided for by these Participation Rules. The player accepts liability for any damages, which may be caused by the misuse of his/her membership number and access-code details on Internet. These Participation Rules constitute the entire Agreement and understanding between the Parties.

17. Refund Policy

This Refund Policy applies to credit card payments made at affiliates sites. will only issue utility refunds on credit card payments in the following cases.
  • 1. In case of system malfunction, we will refund all bets placed on the game. In which case will be under no obligation to pay players who take advantage of these occurrences and an alternative award may be determined on a case by case basis.
  • 2. In case of fraudulent purchases.
  • 3. In the event that there is a discrepancy between the game data as recorded in our database, and that recorded by the player, the data recorded in our server will be considered valid.
  • 4. We will refund duplicate purchases that were made by mistake or system error if we are notified within 45 days.

18. Chat Etiquette

We kindly ask our roomies to follow these simple rules to make everybody's chatting experience the best ever.

CAPS: Our Hosts are the only people in the chat Room allowed to use CAPS. This is in order to help the players to see their instructions and not get confused. CAPS are considered rude in some cases.

ANSWERING QUESTIONS(S): Our Hosts will always try to answer questions or direct players and what steps they need to take to have their questions answered. Sometimes it causes confusion for other players to answer questions when the Host is already trying to help.

  • If you encounter a difficulty with a purchase or a bonus that has not been credited, please contact live help or submit a ticket. Do not complain, or air your grievance in the Chat Room. Please handle these issues privately with us through live help or ticket.
  • No complaining about not winning, or because other players are winning. When you win, we are sure you would not like if others complained about not winning or you are always winning. Please have courtesy about this issue. Our chat room is to have fun, not to bash fellow players or complain.
  • Players are not permitted to discriminate, use racial, prejudicial, sexual or ethnic slurs in chat.
  • Religion and politics should be avoided at all times.
  • Vulgar or threatening statements are not permitted.
  • Players are not allowed to solicit funds or ask for transfers from other players.
  • Players should not promote websites or companies in our chat rooms.
RESPECT: We strive to make our chat room a friendly environment where everyone feels welcomed and included. Everyone wants to be respected, as such, please respect the Hosts and other players at all times.

ARGUING/HARASSMENT/NEGATIVITY: We want everyone to enjoy their time in the chat room. To reach this goal, we ask that you do not argue or bicker with Hosts or other players at any time. Harassment of Hosts or other players will not be tolerated. This includes intentional goading, targeted comments, and excessive negativity in the chat room.

COMPLAINTS: Our chat room is meant to be a place for players to be friendly and have fun, it is not there for players to complain. Complaints should be submitted via live help, email or a ticket. Please refer to our Contact Us link for more information.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in the loss of your chat privileges for a period of time or permanently. Our Hosts will always try to warn a player before removing them from the chat room. In some cases, removal immediately is necessary to avoid further disruptions and problems in the chat room.

The above rules apply to our social media accounts, live help, and ticket system.

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