Throwback Thursday - 20% Back EVERY week!

Now you get more and more often! Receive a generous 20% back on a weekly basis.

How does it work?
Every Thursday you will receive 20% of the total you deposited the previous week from Thursday to Wednesday.

Example: You deposit $30 on Friday, $40 on Sunday, $100 on Tuesday and $30 on Wednesday = $200 in total deposited.

$200 x 20% = $40 Bonus back you'll receive on Thursday!

The throwback Thursday bonus will be automatically credited as long as you don't have payouts requested or approved during the week. That's all you need to qualify for it!

Play Now! -

  • Players with 75% ratio or more do not qualify for the offer.
  • Once credited, the throwback Thursday bonus will expire after 6 days.
  • Players with pending or approved payouts within the last 7 days won't qualify for this bonus.
  • All site rules apply.