Good Old Fashioned Bingo Fun with $250,000 in Guaranteed CASH February 2022

Who doesn't love a good old fashion game of BINGO? If you don't know your fat ladies from your two little ducks, jump in chat and have fun learning these nostalgic names and origins of some of our best-loved traditional bingo calls while you play to win your share of over $250,000 in GUARANTEED CASH and single jackpots of up to $10,000 CASH.

Contest games will be available at the beginning of each contest week. Card prices range between 25c-$1, with fantastic jackpots and a special Buy 30 Get 5 Offer on all cards to help you hit the jackpots.

Participating couldn't be easier...

You need to deposit, play, and bingo on the contest games in the main room throughout the day to get points in the ranking.


  • Each contest game win gets you 1 point into the weekly contest.
  • Every $10 wagered on contest games gets you 2 points into the weekly contest.
  • Each deposit made within the weekly contest gets you 3 points into the ranking.

Weekly winners will be selected randomly or by the top 5 depending on the contest week, so every player has a fair chance to win.

Weekly Grand Draws! (4x $1,000 CASH Prizes)

We'll randomly select the GRAND PRIZE weekly winners among all qualifying players at the end of each contest week. Remember, the more entries you collect, the more chances you have to win it.

(1st Prize) $500 CASH.
(2nd Prize) $350 CASH.
(3rd Prize) $150 CASH.

Plus! Bingo calling is all part of the fun of playing bingo. That's why this month, we will have a good old-fashioned chat giveaway. If you win bingo with the ball of the day, shout the bingo number rhyme in chat to claim a $50bbs FREE before the next game starts. Here is a list of bingo terms to help you win extra bbs in chat.

1 – Kelly’s eye 15 – Young and keen
2 – One little duck 16 – Sweet 16 and never been kissed
3 – Cup of tea 17 – Dancing queen
4 – Knock at the door 18 – Coming of age
5 – Man alive 19 – Goodbye teens
6 – Tom Mix/Half a dozen 20 – One score
7 – Lucky seven 21 – Royal salute/Key of the door
8 – Garden gate 22 – Two little ducks
9 – Doctor’s orders 23 – Thee and me
10 – [Prime Minister’s name]’s den 24 – Two dozen
11 – Legs eleven 25 – Duck and dive
12 – One dozen 26 – Pick and mix
13 – Unlucky for some 27 – Gateway to heaven
14 – Valentine’s Day 28 – In a state/Over weight

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