Chat Etiquette

We kindly ask our amigos to follow these simple rules in order to make everybody's chatting experience the best ever.

  • CAPS: Chat Host are the only people within the Chat Room allowed to use CAPS. This is in order to help the players to see their instructions and not get confused. CAPS are considered rude in some cases.
  • Complaining: No complaining about not winning in several hours, or because other players are winning. Please have courtesy about this issue. When you win, we are sure it would hurt your feelings if others complained about not winning or you always winning. If you demand respect, you should also hand it out. Our chat room is to have fun, not to bash fellow players or complain about it.
  • Answering other players' question(s): The CH will answer all questions from players. When players are answering questions from other players this leads to confusion so please allow the CH to do his or her job.
  • No spreading false rumors: If you should encounter any difficulty with a purchase or a bonus that hasn't been credited, please refer to our help desk section. Do not complain, or spread false statements through our Chat Room. Please handle these issues privately with us.
  • NO to racism: Chatters are not permitted to discriminate, use racial, prejudice, sexual or ethnic slurs.
  • Asking for Comps: Players are not allowed to solicit funds or ask for transfers from other players.
  • Arguing: No arguing or bickering at any time. Complaints will be handled via email, live help chat, or phone. Please refer to our Contact Us link above for more information.
  • Promoting other sites: Players should not promote websites or companies in our chat rooms.
  • Harassing: No harassment is allowed within the Chat.
  • Vulgarity: Vulgar or threatening statements are not permitted.
  • Respect: Have respect for the CHs and fellow players.
  • Help Requests: No help requests will be done through a CH. If you need help with something, our Help Desk is there for you. We are more than glad to assist you but through the appropriate channels.
  • Emails and IM's: No posting of any Instant Messaging names or ID's through chat. No email addresses either. Also, no contact with our Staff through ANY instant messaging program.

Than you for your understanding, we look forward to seeing you in chat. :)

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