$65,000 Bewitching Night Tourney – Every Wednesday in October!

Starting October 7th and until October 28th play in the NEW Wickedly Witchy Room with $65,000 in CASH jackpots up for GRABS and OVER $6,500 in GUARANTEED CASH to be won!

Prepare your witches brew and come join us to play every Wednesday at the witching hour of 11pm (EST) throughout October.

DEPOSIT AND REGISTER with only $25 cash to unlock the room for each nightly event, grab your broom and join the race to win HUGE JACKPOTS.

The fee covers the automatic pre-bought cards for all games, including a $10,000 Coverall, a $5,000 Coverall, and a $1,000 Coverall followed by $100-$500 multipart GUARANTEED GAMES (Fair and Square/12 cards per game).

You must be registered by 10pm EST each Wednesday! Don’t be late, or we will be forced to release our flying monkeys...

Once registered, you will have exactly the same chance of winning one or all of the fantastic prize pots for the same flat fee, giving you a bigger bang for your buck. Every time the room plays, you can win the following GUARANTEED CASH:

  • One $500 GUARANTEED game
  • Three $150 GUARANTEED games
  • Six $100 GUARANTEED games

As if that wasn't enough, bingo on the Flying Monkeys, Broom and Witch Hat patterns on a single tournament to WIN a 100% Extra Bonus on your next deposit (Submit game ids via support ticket)

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Come in my pretties, eeeheheehe! (Cackling Witch)