$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!

$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
Our acclaimed $500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!

July 4th – Sept 2nd 2018. Deposit and register to unlock it!

What happens here, stays here! It's Vegas baby!

You heard it right! The rewards keep on coming for AmigoBingo.com VIPs. The RELOADED $500,000 VIP Tourney Room is now taking you to Vegas!

Deposit and Register in all VIP Room events from July 4th - September 2nd and get your entries to be the
lucky winner of a trip to Las Vegas! We'll cover your flight plus 3 Night stay in the famous MGM Grand Hotel
and $500 spending CASH!

$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
This is how to collect points:

Play Bingo in our Main Room and the VIP Room from July 4th - September 2nd
to collect your points as follows:

Every Bingo win in our Main Room: 1 point
Every time you register for the VIP Room: 2 points
Every bingo win inside the VIP Room: 3 points

$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
Why is it our VIP Room so famous?

Well, besides the HUGE Coveralls and the guaranteed cash prizes, every player has exactly the same chance of winning one or all of the fantastic prize pots for the same
flat fee, giving you bigger bang for your buck.

Every time this incredible room plays you'll have the chance to win the following:

One x $500 GUARANTEED game.
Three x $150 GUARANTEED games.
Six x $100 GUARANTEED games.

DEPOSIT AND REGISTER with only $25 cash to unlock the room and you are
in it to win it!

Check Registered Players Here

$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!

The $25 CASH fee covers the automatic pre-bought cards for all games, including a $15,000 CA, a $10,000 CA and a $5,000 CA followed by $100-$500 multipart GUARANTEED GAMES (Fair and Square/12 cards per game).

Plus! Each Wednesday night our Chat Host will select a roomie to be VIP of the week.
The lucky player(s) will receive special gifts and bonuses throughout the week.

This is the best online bingo tournament, climb your way up the loyalty ladder and you
too can enjoy all the amazing benefits being a VIP can bring you at AmigoBingo.com.

Save your seat: $500,000 VIP Room plays every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 10pm (EST) from July 4th to September 2nd 2018. You must be registered by 9pm each night of the event!

We are dedicated to rewarding our loyal roomies; hence, we've got lots of surprises in store for you! Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of the latest bingo news.

Vegas Trip Ranking

$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Players need to have at least 1 deposit made within the last 7 days of each contest.
  • $25 fee will be deducted from cash balance by the system.
  • Combined Network Room – USD.
  • VIP Roomie of the week can only win once.
  • VIP Room is exclusive for players under 70% ratio.
  • All site rules apply.
Vegas Trip Details

  • Contest runs from July 4th - September 2nd, 2018.
  • Players win 1 point for every Bingo Win in the Main room, 2 points for every VIP room registration and 3 points for every win inside the VIP room.
  • Winners will be updated throughout the day on the contest webpage.
  • Travel is based on checking Sunday Sept 9th , 2018 and checking out Wednesday Sept 12th , 2018.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will be selected based on a random draw from all qualifying participants. The more entries accumulated, the more chances to win.
  • The Grand Prize winner must provide us with a picture and comments to post on our homepage and emails.
  • TheBingoAffiliates.com will calculate the air travel based on the closest major airport to the winner.
  • The Grand Prize Winner may exchange their prize for cash value using the dates above should they not be able to travel.
  • It is your responsibility to check on all required documents (visas, passports, etc) as requirements are subject to change and differ for various itineraries.
  • Prize value will vary depending on departure destination. Maximum amount is $2,000 USD including the spending cash promoted.
  • TheBingoAffiliates.com won't book the travel for the winner. Funds will be credited to the players account so he/she can book accordingly.
  • All site rules apply.

$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!
$500,000 VIP Tourney Room takes you to Vegas!