Underwater Adventure

Join the Underwater Adventure with $250,000 in Big Fish Jackpots!

We will explore the underwater world as we've never seen it before. Dive into these fascinating and colorful games with over $250,000 in breathtaking GUARANTEED CASH JACKPOTS.

Starting January 1st, grab your scuba suit and take a plunge. There are hundreds of jackpots to be found in our Main Room. Enjoy the underwater beauty by playing games with an extraordinary diversity of marine life shapes and carrying jackpots of up to $10,000 CASH.

Contest games will be available at the beginning of each contest week. Card prices range between 25c-$1, with fantastic jackpots and a special Buy 30 Get 5 Offer on all cards to help you hit the jackpots.

Participating couldn't be easier...

You need to deposit, play, and bingo on the contest games in the main room throughout the day.

  • Each contest game win gets you 1 point into the weekly contest.
  • Every $10 wagered on contest games gets you 2 points into the weekly contest.
  • Each deposit made within the weekly contest gets you 3 points into the ranking.
Weekly winners will be selected randomly or by the top 5 depending on the contest week, so every player has a fair chance to win.

Weekly Bingo Rankings
(Click on each date to display the ranking).

Extra Prizes!
Place Prize Extra Grand Prize Tickets
1st $250 BBS 25 Entries
2nd $150BBs 20 Entries
3rd $100 BBs 15 Entries
4th $75 BBs 10 Entries
5th $50BBs 5 Entries

* Players from 6th to last in the ranking will also get 1 Grand Prize Entry. That's right, a single win on one of the 'Contest' patterns could win you $1,000 CASH!!!!

Weekly Grand Draws! (4x $1,000 CASH Prizes)

We'll randomly select the GRAND PRIZE weekly winners among all qualifying players at the end of each contest week. Remember, the more entries you collect, the more chances you have to win it.

(1st Prize) $500 CASH.
(2nd Prize) $350 CASH.
(3rd Prize) $150 CASH.

Pre-buy your cards now; there are tons of whale-sized jackpots ready to be won!

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  • FOUR weekly contest rounds will play between Jan 1st and Jan 31st, 2022 EST time.
  • Our contest patterns will play at different times of the day, 24/7. Cost Per Card 25c-$1.
  • Players must have deposited in the last 7 days to get in the weekly rankings and run for extra prizes.
  • Rankings will be updated throughout the day on the contest webpage.
  • Deposit deal prizes are valid on your next deposit Mon-Thurs.
  • In the last seven days, players with approved or pending payouts don't qualify to receive ranking points.
  • All grand prize winners are required to provide a testimonial with a picture for our hall of fame and Facebook before the prize can be credited.
  • Weekly Grand Draws! (4x $1,000 CASH Prizes) – This draw is combined among all ThebingoAffiliates.com sites.
  • All site rules apply.