$1,000 Fast and Furious 90 Ball Tourney Hour!
Wednesday 11pm EST (Depositors Only)

$25 Cash Flat Fee for (10) Fair and Square Games - REGISTER NOW!

Feeling the need for SPEED already? Rev up your engines for the ultimate bingo race with a Fast and Furious twist! Join us in the Tourney Room this Wednesday at 11pm EST for a heart-pounding 90-ball bingo competition that's guaranteed to shake off the midweek slump.

Put the pedal to the metal and compete for your slice of the $1,000 GUARANTEED CASH prize pool. Our fair and square games promise an electrifying bingo experience that will satisfy your need for speed. Brace yourself for (10) high-speed games, each carrying a thrilling $100 GUARANTEED CASH JACKPOT.

But remember, you must DEPOSIT and REGISTER by 10pm EST on Wednesday to ensure you're all set to start your engines and shift into gear before the race begins.


$1,000 Fast and Furious 90 Ball Tourney Hour! September

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The $25 CASH flat fee covers automatic pre-bought cards for all (10) three-part speedie games, featuring a Fair and Square format with 25 cards per game.

Don't wait! Fasten your seatbelts and hit the gas on your way to REGISTER NOW. Get ready to shout, 'On your mark...get set...BINGO!' — Let the winning begin!

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  • To qualify, a deposit must be made on the day of the tournament. $25 cash fee required.
  • All site rules apply.