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$500,000 Cosmic Bingo Contest! April 1st-30th Main Room Open 24/7
Unleash the Universe’s Wealth...
Jackpots up to $10,000 CASH + Stellar Weekly Prizes!

The stars are aligning for your epic win(s), don’t miss out.

Blast Off to Cosmic Riches! This April, as we orbit through Global Astronomy Month, prepare for an out-of-this-world adventure where you could soar to cosmic riches totaling over $500,000! The Main Room transforms into a launchpad of excitement, offering uninterrupted cosmic thrills and stellar games, 24/7 from April 1st to 30th EST.

Reach for the Stars: Set your sights on the Contest Games in the main room or the pre-buy menu to go on this cosmic journey. Each game is a celestial realm filled with astronomical jackpots and infinite winning possibilities – from single pots to double or even triple wins! Don't miss our "Buy 45 Get 5 cards FREE" offer, with no jackpot cap.

Rocketing Rewards: Explore beyond the bingo galaxies! Every deposit, wager, and win thrusts you closer to the cosmic leaderboard, propelling you towards weekly out of this world extra rewards:

  • Earn 1 point for each contest game conquest.
  • Rack up 2 points for every $10 wagered on contest games.
  • Rocket ahead with 3 points for each deposit during the contest week.

Weekly Celestial Milestones: Navigate through the cosmic expanse with our weekly contest, alternating between a cosmic random draw and a contest for the top 5 stellar explorers, ensuring an equitable chance for all to seize their share of the cosmic bounty:

$500,000 Bonfire Bingo Party! July 2024
(Click on each date to display the ranking).

High-Flying Prizes in Orbit:

1st Place $500BB + 250% Deposit Bonus, akin to a meteoric rise through the cosmos
2nd Place $250 BBs + 150% Deposit Bonus, like soaring on the tail of a comet
3rd Place $150BB + 125% Deposit Bonus, equivalent to reaching for the moon and catching a star
4th Place $125BB + 100% Deposit Bonus, as thrilling as a rocket launch into the stratosphere
5th Place $75BB + 100% Deposit Bonus, like a cosmic discovery igniting the galaxy

Don't let the stars slip through your fingers! If joining live isn't written in your cosmic destiny, secure your cosmic journey by pre-buying your tickets now.

May your trajectory be guided by the constellations to cosmic wins of astronomical jackpots! We'll rendezvous among the stars in the bingo universe.

Play Now! -

  • FOUR weekly contests rounds will be played between April 1st and 30th , 2024, EST time.
  • Our contest patterns will play at different times of the day 24/7. Cost Per Card 25c-$1.
  • Players must have deposited in the last 7 days to get in the weekly rankings and be in the running for extra prizes.
  • Rankings will be updated throughout the day on the contest webpage.
  • Players with approved or pending payouts in the last 7 days don't qualify to receive ranking points.
  • All grand prize winners are required to provide a testimonial with a picture for our hall of fame and Facebook Page before the prize can be credited.
  • Games and contest prizes are combined with the sites from network. (Depositors Only)
  • Winners have 10 days to claim their extra bonus prizes after the weekly contest has ended. Extra Bonuses cannot be combined with any other bonus offer besides daily and loyalty.
  • All site rules apply.