$45,000 Fair and Square Pig Races Every day at midnight (EST).

Pick-a-Pig to WIN!
Join in the fun and root for your favorite!
Last Days Of Contest

Starting November 1st and until November 30th, play the NEW Piggy Race Hour Bingo Session with $45,000 in GUARANTEED CASH to be won!

How to participate? Players choose their favorite pig from the B Row #1-#15: (1) Waddles, (2) Chubby, (3) Miss Piggy, (4) Bacon, (5) Chorizo, (6) Ham Solo, (7) Morcilla, (8) Petunia, (9) Sausage, (10) Archie, (11) Maggie, (12) Peppa, (13) Olympia, (14) Porky, and (15) Porkchop. Once all five numbers on your pig's line are called, yell out to claim the prize in chat.

Dressed in fetching racing silks, the wiggly piglets run the course TEN times per session. Each Piggy Race game has a $2.50 cash fee that covers the automatic pre-bought cards for each of the $150 CASH games (25 cards per game = $0.10 a card).

Because this is a multipart fair and square style session, you will have the same chance of winning one or all prize pots for the same flat fee as everyone else in the race, and at $.0.10 a card, you get a bigger bang for your buck.

Join us in the main room; the piggies will be slippin' and slidin'...Headin' for the "Ham" Stretch...Flingin' Mud (and other stuff) from behind every day at midnight (EST).

DEPOSIT, and come out to cheer on your favorites. They put on a show on the race track!

It's not just racing pigs... It's a JACKPOT RACE! – Prebuys Available.

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    • The $2.5 cash fee per game will be deducted from the cash balance by the system.
    • Combined Network Room – USD.
    • All site rules apply.